Jhanshi (U.P)

Jhansi was first known as Shankargarh, when Orchha was the capital of Bundelas. In a bid of strengthening the security of Orchha, its king Raja Bir Singh Ja Deo had constructed a fort on a hill in Shankargarh. And it was when he looked at the site for the new fort from his Orchha palace that he realized the place looked like a jhain-si (blurred shadow). And this is how Jhansi got its present name.

This fort is none other than the famous Jhansi Fort. Jhansi fort was built in 1613 and today has a wonderful collection of sculptures that depicts the history of Bundelkhand. It is said that Jhansi grew around this fort which crowns a neighboring rock. There are many sculptures of the 9th to 12th centuries found in the Rani Mahal too. The museum of Jhansi houses regional antiques like sculptures, manuscripts, paintings, arms and silver, gold and copper coins.

Discover a world of remarkable reminiscence which is just 18 kms away from Orchha.

Jhansi Fort

The fort of Maharani Jhansi has strategic importance since the earliest of times. It was built by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo (1606-27) of Orchha on a rocky hill called Bangra in the town of Balwantnagar (presently known as Jhansi ).

The fort has ten gates ( Darwaza) .Some of these are Khandero Gate, Datia Darwaza, Unnao gate, Jharna Gate, Laxmi Gate, Sagar Gate, Orcha Gate, Sainyar Gate, Chand gate.

Rani Mahal

Rani Mahal, Palace of Rani Lakshmi Bai embelished with multi colored art and painting on its walls and ceilings. Presently this palace is converted into a museum. It has a massive collection of Sculptures of the period between the 9th and 12th Centuries AD, housed here by the Archaeologral Survey of India.

U.P.Govt. Museum

The State Museum has a fine collection of terracotta, bronzes, Weapons, Sculptures, Manuscripts, Painting and Coins of Gold, Silver and Copper.

Maha Lakshmi Temple
MahaLakshmiTemple an ancient temple devoted to Devi Mahalaxmi was built in 18th Century. This glorious temple is situated outside Laxmi “Darwaza” near Laxmi Tal.

Maharaja Gangadhar Rao ki Chathri.

The Samadhi of Maharaja Gangadhar Rao is situated on the Laxmi Tal. After the death of Maharaja Gangadhar Rao in 1853 this ancient monument was built by his wife Maharani Laxmi Bai.

Ganesh Mandir

Ganesh Mandir, where the marriage ceremany of Maharani Laxmi Bai, the brave hero of 1857 Inedependence war, and Maharajai Gangadhar Rao was performed. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh.