Egypt, officially noted as the Arab Republic of Egypt is a transcontinental country linking the two continents – Asia and Africa through the Sinai peninsula. It is a Mediterranean country bordered by the Gaza Strip, Israel to the northeast, the Gulf of Aqaba to the east, Libya to the west, the Red Sea to the east and south and Sudan to the south. Egypt is considered the most tourist-friendly country in the Middle East and Africa because of its travel-friendly environment and great hospitality.

The country is truly a mélange of civilizations encompassing the Pharaohs, Nubians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Copts, Arabs, Maluks, and Ottomans. These ancient civilizations have the distinction of having lasted longer than most other known older civilizations. Their remnants and relics still dot the country. The famous pre-dynastic civilization of the Nile valley has its roots in Egypt. Also, the ancient Pharaonic dynasty, known for their pyramids was based here. The country, thus, is rich in history and culture since time immemorial.