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To travel around the world is one of the best things to do. But when you travel with your life partner it becomes even more beautiful. Bali is one of the best places for honeymoon holidays. It is not only a romantic place but a scenic place as well where you can do some unusual and cool things. Bali is a postcard destination that has some really beautiful places that will make your honeymoon even more memorable.

Here are some exiting things that you can do in Bali -

• Jimbaran Sunset Dinner - Jimbaran beach is one of the most beautiful beach of the world where honeymoon couples can have fresh sea food. The couples can sit together on the beach with their chair and table and their toes relaxing into the amazing sand of the beach. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bali.

This place is also famous for its amazing sunsets that will make your romantic dinner absolutely perfect. Most of the Bali honeymoon packages include this site. Lots of people from India are looking for cheap Bali tour honeymoon packages from India to spend their honeymoon holidays in Bali.

• Swept Away Restaurant - This is another exciting thing that is included in all inclusive Bali honeymoon packages. If the honeymoon couples think that their sunset dinner was not so good then they can make their dinner more exciting by lighting up 100 candles and enjoy the best candle light dinner with their partners.

You can have this dinner at Swept Restaurant of Bali. Here, you can have a very tasteful dinner with some special wine at this venue of Bali. This is again a very exciting thing that honeymoon packages offers to young lovers.

• Dinner inside the cave - This is a very amazing and romantic service included in the honeymoon packages for Bali. If you really want to do something interesting then you should definitely try this. This is a private beach in Bali known as Samabe Resort.

What makes your dinner more exciting at this venue that it will be served inside a cave! This is a meal that you will definitely not forget. This is again one of the most stunning places to visit in Bali.

• Sunset on a cruise - This is another very exciting thing that Bali packages provide to honeymoon couples. It is a luxury cruise on Catamaran from the beautiful venue known as Benoa in Bali.

There will also be a band on this cruise that will also play songs on your request so that you can enjoy your special song with your partner on the cruise. You can also enjoy the sunsets on this cruise. People from all parts of the world visit this place in Bali. It is one of the most thrilling things to do in Bali.

Lot of people search for International honeymoon packages so that they can spend their honeymoon holidays here, in Bali.

• Tea at Le Jardins Metis Bali - Honeymoon couples can spend their afternoon in this beautiful venue of Bali known as Le Jardins Metis. The couples can have a perfect tea date at this venue. They can simply relax at this place. The couples can also have some dainty pastries along with tea at this venue.

This place offers a Melati package for the honeymoon couples and also an Alamanada package. This amazing experience will make you feel like a queen with your king. This is one of the best things that Bali honeymoon packages provide to the honeymoon couples.

• Asah Hill - You can have a very exciting hillside picnic at this beautiful Asah Hill of Bali. The slanted hillsides are a very pleasant one to spend some quality time with your life partner. You can have a perfect picnic at this place.

• Have helicopter rides - Traffic jams are one of the biggest problems. So, it is better to make your sight seeing more amazing and thrilling. Taking a helicopter ride with your partner in Bali. It is the most exhilarating and romantic things that you can do with your life partner.

It is one of the most majestic experiences that Bali honeymoon packages provide to all honeymoon couples. The helicopter rides are especially arranged for couples to see Bali from bird’s eyes view. They can see some very beautiful places in Bali from a different level.

• Golden stroll across the marigold fields - The couples can do frolicking in the beautiful flower fields of marigold. This field is located between Bedugal and Kintamani. This field is one of the most beautiful fields in Bali where honeymoon couples can spend some quality time.

Honeymoon couples can capture some golden memories in their camera while taking some amazing pictures in the gorgeous fields full of marigold.

• Watching movie at Karma Beach - This is another very popular beach in Bali. This Karma resort is located near Uluwatu in Bali. This beach is set on a limestone cliff and can be accessed only by private funicular.The thing that makes this place really romantic is that the couples can watch a movie at this beach under the canopy of stars, at night.

• Romantic Horseback ride - Bali made this horseback riding more romantic because you can do this horseback riding along with the beach. Just like in the movies.

Conclusion – So, we can say that Bali is one of the most amazing places for honeymoon couples to spend their honeymoon vacations. This place has got everything that can make your trip very special and romantic. Summers are the best time to visit in Bali so the people who want to spend some quality time with their life partner, must book a trip to Bali, now! Bali honeymoon packages provide the best possible offer to honeymoon couples.

These offers make your stay cheaper therefore, it gives you a chance to explore this beautiful place even when you a little tight on your budget.

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